Scoutbook name doesn't match roster

Hello awesome SBF team and Happy New Year. I have a youth whose Scoutbook name shows his dad’s name (M), but when you click Edit Profile it shows his correct name (D). Only thing I see weird is his dad’s email address is also on the youth account. I tried setting the “Preferred Name” field but it’s still wrong in SB. Thank you for any assistance!

SB 12465867 / BSA 14263731

@JenniferFerraz I see scout has name Devin? It matches AKELA. Are you seeing something different?

Yes it says his name is Matt. Last name is correct

When I click on Edit Profile the name in IA is correct

Nickname field says “Matt”

I don’t see that. I did check that this morning when I first saw the name was wrong, and it was blank. I entered Devin in the “Preferred Name” field to see if it would fix SB and it didn’t, and it still shows as blank when I go back and look at it.

Or is there somewhere else you’re seeing this field? Thank you!
Screen Shot 2023-01-05 at 12.40.00 PM

Where do I find the nickname field? I only see Preferred Name, which is empty. Thank you!


Preferred Name is the nickname field.

The Preferred Name field as I see it is empty (see screenshot from last week). His name is Devin. Scoutbook says it is Matt. I don’t see anywhere that shows Matt as his name. How do we correct this?

Thank you

Change the preferred name and save it > then go back and clear the Preferred name

Thanks. I did try setting his Preferred back to Devin last week before I posted originally, and it didn’t update SB and the field was blank when I went back to Profile. Today it saved Devin and updated SB, but I can’t clear the Preferred name field. Not a big deal since he’s no longer a Matt, but just wanted to let you know that clearing that field wasn’t working. Thx again.

I have reported the inability to clear the Preferred Name field to the developers.

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