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Error - Needs to be connected to a scout to use

Trying to set up the app on my iPhone -

Getting the following:

“Your Scoutbook Account needs to be Connected to a Scout as a Parent/Guardian to use the Scouting app.”

I am shown as the parent and linked to my son’s account -

And I’ve attempted to update it by adding myself as all three checkboxes or just the Parent/Guardian checkbox:

Still the same error. Thoughts?

@dpaluszek - my first question is are you logging in to the app with the same credentials as scoutbook? On the connection page in scoutbook if you are not an adult leader for you son as well as other family member then save.

Yep. Same exact credentials. Scoutbook username is exactly the same as my.scouting also.

If you click on your name, does it show the same email address that you expect to be on your Scoutbook account?


I think I found part of the problem (or could be the root of the issue). It seems under “my.scouting” I do not have a username:

Attempting to update my password I receive this error:

“User not found.”

How were you able to get into my.scouting to see that if you don’t have a username?

Great question - this system seems to be fickle. As you can see, I can log in with your username and password that I sent when I created my account:


When I clicked on my account prior, it showed nothing. Now it shows my email address but without the “@” symbol:


I just verified my account is linked properly under the SSO Share for Scoutbook:

Does your son show up under my dashboard > administration > my family?

When you go to my dashboard > administration > my account, does the same email address show up?

  1. Yes

  2. Yes

I’m not sure. I’ll ask the development team to look into this.

I just opened a JIRA ticket also if you want to reference it. HD-194877.

Thanks again for the help.

I also tried it with the exact username shown in my.scouting ( and got more of a specific error this time: “Sorry, unable to get user role.”

Did you ever click on your name from your son’s connection page to make sure it showed the same email address? I briefly had a suspicion that there are two different versions of you.

Yeah, I tried that, and it’s linked and shows my profile picture. Same email address.

Go to scoutbook - scouts page - click your name as parent - click update on next page

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