Can't get parent linked to his scout

Hi. I have a parent who is able to log in to scoutbook and see our pack, but for some reason he is NOT able to connect to his his scout. I’ve sent multiple invites via scoutbook and it’s not working. He show’s up, but says “Connection Pending” (The father’s name is also spelled wrong, and I cant fix that either!)
The scout’s BSA # is 137364723.

Any help appreciated.

@JacquelineMulligan this is resolved

Thank you. I see the name spelling is corrected (Thank you!) but the chain is still unlinked showing “Pending Connection”? Any ideas on that?

probably dad just needs to log in

So he has done that, multiple times. Is there a way to force the connection?

he was logging into an account you could not see - I merged the 2

okay great. So next time he logs in, will it prompt him or automatically connect?

should automatically I think - if not it can be solved - he needs to login the way he has in past with credentials

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