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Error says new scout isn’t matched with Roster

I have a tiger Scout that is new to scouting this year. He joined at summer camp. He is in scoutbook, assigned to a den. His parent has been able to connect with his account. When you’re on the child’s account it says in a gold bar above advancements that the scout cannot be matched with a scout on your unit’s official roster, to please check with your council. You can enter achievements for this kid, but no one is able to approve them or award them. I did in fact reach out to council, and they have no idea why this error is on his account or what to do about it. He paid all his fees when he joined, so that is not the problem. BSA number 137293365.
I have seen where it says that what it takes for this kid to be approved on our roster is for me to go into his edit profile and approve it. That’s not an option within Scoutbook

Try going to there memberships page, click the current membership, uncheck the position approved box, click update, go back in, recheck position approved, and click update.

That did it!! Thank you!

Jennifer Scarborough

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