Added a Scout to Scoutbook but it says Scout is not on offical roster

We have a scout that joined later to our Pack’s Bear Den. Someone in the Pack added him to Scoutbook and the Den leader can enter when he earns advancements but I (advancement chair) can’t see any of that. There is a yellow caution symbol that says “(scout) has not been matched with a Scout in your Units official roster. Please check with your council.” We are calling council but I’m wondering if there’s something that can be done on the Scoutbook side. Thanks

Please look at your official roster on and see if he appears there. If so, post his member number (no names). If not, he needs to register.

Thanks. I’ll work on that

@JuliannDavidson If the Scout has initials A.S., then the reason you are seeing that warning is because the Scout is not registered.

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