Error with Scoutbook: Scout Not Matched with A Scout On The Official Roster

I have had all sorts of problems getting my son T BSA# xxxxxx transferred into Troop 226. I am the Chartered Organization Rep for Pack 165 that he is moving from and into Troop 226. My name is Lani Allen and BSA# xxxxx. I was told it would be easiest if I initiated the transfer from the Pack to the Troop through my.scouting. I initiated the transfer for both my son T and his friend MG that crossed over into Troop 226. The Troop was successfully able to accept M but there was an error with T’s application. For some strange reason there were 2 applications for 3/13/23 and when I went to check a week later, M’s showed “Completed” but T’s showed as “Closed.” I initiated another transfer application but the Troop Scoutmaster said he was receiving an error and couldn’t accept him. So I withdrew that application 3/19/23 and initiated another one and it finally says “Complete” in my.scouting. I assume that this means that the Troop was able to accept the application. T and M both show in the Troop’s Scoutbook but there is still an error with T.
He doesn’t show the green flag (user verified in the unit) or the red A with the circle around it (advancement is synced with BSA national database). In doing research… this is what I found.
“This error can be confusing as users think that it means the Scout is not on the official BSA roster. This error actually means that the Scout is not set up for the advancement sync in Scoutbook. This can be corrected by having the user click on the Scout > Scout’s Membership > Click on the current Membership > Uncheck Position Approved > Update. Then have them go back in and check the Position Approved checkbox again > Update. That should set them up for the sync and the error message will go away.”
However, when you click on current Membership the Position Approved box is not there. I assume that is because I’m not one of the Troop’s key3 leaders. The other scout M did not have this issue upon making the transfer. Is this something that a Scoutbook administrator can help with. The Scoutmaster for Troop 226 said he’s confused on what to do and why Scoutbook is having an error issue with T’s account. He said that he doesn’t know how to fix it. He’s an older 78 year old gentleman who is planning on retiring from Scoutmaster in a few months. Can someone please help fix this as my son is eager to start working on Merit Badges and wants to make sure what he’s done for his Scout Rank is being recorded.

Transfers via take an overnight run to complete. Check again tomorrow and let us know if the transfer has not completed. From what I can see, it is still waiting on the overnight process.

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And not sure the unit has accepted the application yet

It looks like troop has accepted the application.

Ok so I may need to ask the Scoutmaster to check again and try to accept the application.

That’s what I thought too as it says “Completed” in my.scouting under MyApplications but it still shows the errors with both the green flag and red A with circle missing and has instead a yellow caution with exclamation icon.
I’ll wait till Monday to see if the system fixes it overnight and if not, I’ll ask the Scoutmaster again to try to accept him.

It should be fixed tomorrow, after the overnight automated process runs.

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The error codes fixed overnight and his Scoutbook now has the green flag and the red A with the circle next to his name. Thank you so much for your responses and assuring me that it should be fixed after the overnight automated process.
Thank you @JenniferOlinger @edavignon @DonovanMcNeil

Fixed overnight and working properly now. Thank you.

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