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There is a error message says another user is using the same email address. How do I fix.

I also have my daughter under me and she is in another troop then my son and me. I cannot see her advancement

It’s actually possible that these are both symptoms of the same issue, but there’s not enough information for a regular volunteer like me to tell for sure.

There are two major causes for this: having more than one account (e.g. one account registered as scouter, one account as parent, or one parent account for each scout), or having your email address on the scout’s account. The SUAC folks should be able to help with this.

I’m not quite clear on what you mean here. When you say “have my daughter under me”, does that mean she’s appearing in your My Family list in Scoutbook? If not, what are you referring to?

What method are you using to try to see your daughter’s advancement (e.g. Scoutbook, Scouting app, etc)? Also, what are the steps you are taking in that interface to try to view advancement?

If you have multiple accounts, it’s possible that one account is connected to your son and the other to your daughter, which would be why you can’t see her advancement.

So yes she is listed under my family. And yes that I may have 2 accounts but I cant see that anywhere. I cannot see anything under her at all just her name and member number

@MartinPrice the email was on both of your scouts accounts - it is cleaned up

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I see L who is registered in 27B, and K who is registered as a Lone Scout. Scoutbook does not support Lone Scouts.

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