Error to access Roster IA 2.0

ERROR using Microsoft Edge Internet Advancement "You have encountered a problem with this feature. Please clear your cache and try again. If this does not resolve your issue, please contact your council.

First what is a cache? And how do you clear it? Who at Far East Council should I contact? Why is Internet Advancement ALWAYS broken with errors when I try and do a very simple event?

@ScottMarbut Edge is not Ideal - do you have Firefox or Chrome browsers?

@ScottMarbut Try a hard refresh.

What is a hard refresh? I turned on my computer this morning, then I need to get some information on scouts so I launched IA 2.0 and received this error. Microsoft Edge is the most standard browser, as it comes preloaded on every Windows operating system, so for hard drive space requirements it is redundant of have multiple browsers installed.

I used a different computer and had a temporarily work around using a different browser, but why do I have to do this to make IA 2.0 work?

@ScottMarbut -

The short form is that IA2 caches certain information on your machine. Whenever there is an update to IA2, some of that information ends up out of date, and makes the interface act inconsistently. A hard refresh (or forced reload) effectively retrieves the latest information and writes that to the cache, replacing what was already there.

How to execute a hard refresh or forced reload depends on the browser and operating system you’re using. I usually Google it if I can’t remember how.


Thank You very much! that works, for launching IA 2.0 in Edge.


@ScottMarbut - save those instructions

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