Import Merit Badge Advancements

I’ve normally been able to import a csv file for scouts who have attended a MBU. However, I have 2 files I’m having a problem with. One file it is acting like it’s loading but gets to a certain point and then just spins. Another file I tried to upload - it says Sorry, the data you selected precedes 5/31/2017 and cannot be processed. I don’t know what that means. The scout took the Merit badge class in February 2024. What can I do to get it to work? I am the Advancement Chair. My CC (key 3) has played with my settings and I now have a key by my name.

@BrendaKraft - i believe that this is the feature assistant and not native scoutbook. Are these black pug files?

I believe so. The parents download the file from the council they took the class from. They email me the .csv file so I can upload it into scoutbook. I was able to get it to work with my son’s file. He went to the same MBU as the scout that I’m getting the error for data precedes 5/31/2017.

@BrendaKraft - my suspicion is a corrupt file. Is there no way for you to obtain the file directly?

no. It shows up for the parent account for when they registered the scout. They typically download the .csv file and email it to me. I guess I can call both councils and request the information and file to be sent to me - but I’m sure councils don’t typically email all of those out - they’d have no idea who the advancement chair is.

In my experience, anyone with the registration email that has the link can download the file.

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Open the file with with a regular text editor. Do you see any funny characters in it? If it was opened before and saved again with excel or other programs, they can corrupt the file.

Regarding the date - it means something in the file is marked with an old date, so the versions would not be compatible with the import process.

@GaryFeutz Your name is coming up as who marked one of the merit badges completed for my scout but the file I’m trying to upload for that won’t load. So how did it get marked completed in scoutbook before I’m trying to upload the file?

If they went to MBU here in Three Fires Council, we upload for all attendees. So you shouldn’t need to upload.

It was at Three Fires - York High School. You didn’t upload files last year. We had several scouts go last year. Parents emailed me their files and I uploaded them just fine.

That would have been helpful to know that they would be uploaded from the Council. So was there attendance taken for which scouts actually showed up that day? I called and left a message for someone at Three Fires a couple of weeks ago to verify attendance for a scout and I haven’t received a call back yet.

I uploaded last year as well, and I know there was communication about it then. Not sure what went out this year. I will have someone contact you about attendance.

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