Error when attempting to remove items from PO

I have an open PO. When I click “Delete Item(s) From Purchase Order” I get a Whoops! error. I have previously successfully removed items from other POs.

Looks like this was reported before but the thread seems to have died: Error when trying to remove items from a purchase order

To answer the questions asked in the other thread:

  1. All scouts in the PO are on our roster and all have the green shield.
  2. This is for a Troop.
  3. There are ranks, merit badges, and three miscellaneous awards (Snorkeling Emblem, Standup Paddleboarding Emblem, and Totin’ Chip Emblem). I have text entered in the notes field, if that could also impact anything.

Thank you for the details. I was able to reproduce it this time and reported it to the developers.

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