Database Sync challenges - Scoutbook and Internet Advancement

We had three Scouts transfer to our Troop from a Pack and they are showing up in our Troop’s Scoutbook account. I can edit their membership info but I cannot edit their Advancement info and I cannot access their Internet Advancement accounts. There is an error message that says, “[Scout name] has not been matched with a Scout in your Units official roster. Please check with your council.” And when I try to edit their Advancement records, there is an error message that says, " [Scout name] needs to be setup with advancement sync before you can approve any of his advancement. Any Key 3 member or Admin can setup advancement sync for this Scout from his account page."

This seems like a database sync issue between Scoutbook and IA.

We reached out to our Senior District Executive and he says the only way to get this fixed is to have the Scouts fill out a paper application.

Is there anyone who has fixed this issue in a way that doesn’t involve paper applications which will likely take us a month to gather and get processed?

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@CarlaBrown - are the scouts on your troop roster in ? I know I had made the transfer from the pack to the troop in my.scouting and all was good. Any transfer in scoutbook DOES NOT write back to my.scouting

No they do not appear in our Roster at Do you know how to make that happen? We haven’t needed to do anything in for any other Scouts who transferred from other Packs. But maybe that Pack was set up differently? This is our first time transferring from this Pack.

@CarlaBrown - there are two choices… paper application with all info matching the current registration including BSA ID or the pack can transfer the scouts in my.scouting to your troop.


Wow thanks for answering so fast. So perhaps this Pack didn’t know they need to transfer in both Scoutbook and, whereas others do. I can reach out to their leaders for help on that. I just found this tutorial document - Thanks for the tip!

@CarlaBrown - no problem… but in the end not a bug but more of an operational issue.

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When I had AOL scouts transfer into my troop I had the Pack use the Roster tool in my.scouting to do it.

On my end (I am a Key 3 holder), once the applications showed up in the Application Manager at my.scouting, all I had to do was approve each one.It took about 24 hours for the transfers to happen and sync such that the new scouts showed up in Scoutbook. I DID NOT need to do anything with Scoutbook to make the transfer happen.

The AOL scouts that transferred in came from two different packs but only one pack sent over multiple scouts using the roster transfer process.

If you hold a Key 3 position, log in to your my.scouting account, under MENU go to your unit, and then Application Manager. See if the scouts show there under the Application Status section. You should be able to see whether or not the transfers were approved. If not, approve them and they should show up in Scoutbook in a day or two.

I believe that internet advancement (IA2) and Scoutbook are using the same database.

Talk to your council about how they want this transfer done. I believe my council is still using paper to transfer from packs to troops. I do not know about transferring youth between the same type of unit. On advise of the council’s lawyer all adult applications are being done on paper. I suspect this is still the case for transferring adults.

Councils may be handling transfers differently (for a number of reasons including legal ones), so check with your council’s registration staff.

A transfer done through my scouting is the same as online registration. The receiving unit just approves it. Even though our council does not do online adult applications you can do multiples as they originally did a paper application


As recently addressed by @BillNelson1 (SUAC Chair), unless the unit is transferring the Scout to a unit in another council, the transfer should be done 100% within My.Scouting and let Scoutbook catch up.

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I can add that the transfer scouts that I processed were in the roster at my.scouting and scoutbook within hours following the process outlined in the documentation on transfers within council.

Are you a member of Masonic Scouters? I see their logo on your tag line.

@CarterWood - a member of the Facebook group… Past Master of Mt. Zion 135 in Metuchen, past secretary there and past District Ritual Instructor for the Grand Lodge of NJ.

Congrats and best wishes !

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@CarterWood - thanks I will pursue that. I was Master in 1991 so my history goes back a bit.

We may know some of Brothers in New Jersey. The association’s immediate Past President is George Barnard.

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