Errors Making Connections

My wife seems to have lost her connection in Scoutbook to all our children, and I’m having trouble adding her back.

My SB ID is 2418316, and BSA ID is 12302388 .

Her SB ID is 2637456, and primary BSA ID in my.Scouting is 12549796. (She has a secondary BSA ID of 134377970. Her Scoutbook user profile does not list her BSA ID.)

Our four children are:

  • SB 2418375 , BSA 127634351 (son, aged out)
  • SB 2418319, BSA 132650369 (son)
  • SB 2637456, BSA 135601584 (daughter)
  • SB 10438402, BSA 136534747 (son)

After a few tries from both sides (me trying to add her by name/email/city/state; she trying to add each by name/birthdate/BSA ID), she can see our youngest two children, but only has “Profile” view, not “Full Control”, so she can’t see their advancement.

She got an e-mail invitation to connect to our second-oldest son but when she logs in she can’t see his profile.

Also, when she logs into Scoutbook she sees a message,

“Warning: another user is using the same e-mail address. If this is unexpected, contact your local council or post to the Using Scoutbook Forum.”

Along the way, we got a couple other errors that may be relevant…

  1. “An account already exists with this email address. Are you sure you want to invite them again?”


  1. “Whoops! We encountered an error trying to process your request. / Our webmaster has been notified and will fix it ASAP!”


@DavidLambert This should be fixed.

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