Unable to add parent as a connection on sibling's profile get error message

Child 1 - SB User ID: 11754469
BSA Member ID: 137266859

Child 2 - SB User ID:11754470
BSA Member ID:137266848

Mom Member ID: 13758210

Mom would like both kids under one account. She can see one but not the other even when both info is same.

Can the accounts be merged, please?

This is the error i see "This user have not set up SSO in scoutbook."
And unable to add her as i receive “no records found”.


parent connection search is broken - if the parent is already in unit an admin can go to roster > Connection Manager > find right square and add A Connection > then go to Scout > Connection > make that connection a parent by clicking the parent checkbox

@Roopreet_DoveySawhne This parent had 2 Scoutbook userIDs. I have merged them.

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Thank you so much!!!

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