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Event reminder timing

I see there are many reports of issues with reminders but this seems different.

We use to see reminders consistently sent at the configured times prior to the event start time (i.e. a 1 day reminder on an event tomorrow at 6pm would be sent/received today at 6pm). Lately we’ve noticed somewhat wide variation on the delivery of the reminders. Some invitees receive the reminder as expected and others don’t receive until 2-3+ hours later.

I can appreciate that the sending may be optimized or batched causing this but wanted to get a sense of whether this is expected now or if the timely behavior that we’ve become accustom to in the past is still what should be expected.


Thank you

I’m told it was fixed today. I just ran a test that seemed to go through at the right time.

Thank you Jacob. We have an upcoming event where I’ll verify as well.

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