Event Reminders not being emailed to External Guests

Event reminders are not being sent out for external guests. Reminders are successfully being sent out to registered members. Has happened on multiple events, this is one:

@PeterRow that is by design - we have been back and forth with staff on it - but I will put your vote in too

Was that an asap reminder or one schedule for the future?

Yes they are supposed to get them checking - my bad - was it scheduled reminder or an ASAP?

It was a scheduled reminder.

Our troop is fairly technologically advanced. We have multiple mailing lists that can be activated by our members, such as everyone@nhtroop6.org and adult.leaders@nhtroop6.org. I would like to be able to use these mailing lists with the reminder feature. It is much easier for us to keep the address lists up-to-date than try to talk a parent through changing their ScoutBook email. Further, there are some members who would prefer to use one address with the BSA and a different one with the troop. Calendar reminders go to their BSA address as listed in ScoutBook, which is not the desired result for these members.

Stuff the ballot box for me please – this is probably a deal-breaker for us (see my other answer to you for the reason why).

no I mis-thought - in testing I thought external guest did find other scouting members - but you just do not enter enough data for it to correctly do it.

I’m not understanding this response. The external guests all have a first name, last name, and email entered.

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