Event Start times appear to change when adjusting an end time

I’ve noticed that when I add a calendar event, and when I modify the end time, that sometimes the start time changes from what I set it to be just before. I’ve also noticed the opposite. I’ve caught it before hitting send a number of times, but occasionally it goes out incorrectly.

I noticed that changing AM/PM on the currently edited start or end time, can trigger a change in the other. I really do wish the start and end times were not so chained together.

I’m not sure whether the calendar event is trying to be “smart” by using a particular amount of time for “Pack Meeting” etc., but I do wish it were less predictive. The variety of event types under the Pack calendar is somewhat restrictive. There’s the ubiquitous “Other”, but I do wish events such as “Hike”, “Campout”, or “Special Event” were included.

My two cents! Not sure whether others see similar behavior, or whether it is browser-specific (in my case Safari 16.5.1 on MacOS Venture 13.4.1).

Thanks for listening.

I think that the “smart” aspect is the calendar trying to force end date/time to be after start date/time. I haven’t exhaustively tested it to see, but that’s what it looked like when I got that sort of behavior.

I can appreciate that aspect, but perhaps flag the issue when “Set” is pressed?

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