Calendar Event time changes

I’m a scoutmaster who uses Scoutbook calendar to schedule events for the troop. I’m also an airline pilot and travel a lot, mostly international. I try to use my time on layovers to update Scoutbook however, when I log in to Scoutbook, all the calendar events times change to that current time zone. Which is usually way off. Then inevitable I get text messages about the time changes to weird times on everyone’s calendar. Is there a way to lock a time zone when scheduling events or prevent Scoutbook from changing every even to my current time zone??

Jerry, only a guess on my part, as I used to do a lot of international travel but before Scoutbook came to be. Go into your Date & Time setup window and turn off the “Set the time zone automatically” button. SB gets its time from your local laptop, which gets its time from the ISP you are plugged into at the moment (the hotel wifi or internet). If you’re at NRT on JST, SB thinks you want to set it all up to work in Tokyo. Turning off the auto time zone should leave you laptop on your local domicile time zone. Of course, all your e-mails and any documents you may create on the road will also show your domicile time, not the local time where you happen to be. Blue Skies.

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This is key. Either keep your time on your device to the timezone where you live or offset the time you create the event for by however many timezones you traveled.

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