Event Url error

Scoutbook keeps sending giving a url error when adding a link from google maps.

I get an error message that said invalid url.

I have tried cutting and pasting the site url, and also copying the url from the “share” option/link. Neither have worked.

The link o was using is below:

Is anyone else having this issue?

@JaysonWazny - i think the issue is that your copy or share of the location is also picking up the physical address and the map url. I suggest pasting the share or copy into a note app or notepad and then capture the actual http string.

You need to end up with something like this

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This is how I do it - click share and copy that. For locations we use often, I save them in a raw text file so I have the “pure” previously copied urls at hand.

Thank you Stephen, and Matt. I was able to get it to work based off of your suggestions.

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