Event with RSVP flag set does not allow RSVP replies

Our ship has a weekly meeting. The flag for RSVP is set. Yet it is impossible to RSVP to the meeting. (If you hover over the faces, the options do not appear).

Our skipper creates a new event every month, and it always has this problem. I can edit the event. I have tried turning the RSVP slider off and then on and resaving the event. This does not fix the RSVP problem.

Please note that I filed a similar bug report (336753) a while ago, and it was closed with no replies after 7 days. How do I make sure this bug gets looked at this time?

The first question I would probably ask is when (relative to the event) were the screenshots taken? RSVPs stop being available on the event page (i.e. not in the Edit Event interface) starting shortly before the event.

The second screenshot (excerpt below) indicates that they were taken something less than 3 hours prior to the event, since the 3-hour prior reminder had already fired:


Were RSVPs ever visible to users on the event page, but they “disappeared” as the event got closer? Or did they never show up? There’s a potential difference in what might be going on between those two behaviors.


Yes. The OP’s screen shot is showing the attendance mode.


Yeah, @Matt.Johnson, I was trying to distinguish whether that was the error (i.e. prematurely serving the attendance interface), or if the attendance interface was being served appropriately based on the time of the screenshots.

I believe the problem exists before that 3-hour interval. I happened to take the screenshot after the meeting in question so I wouldn’t forget.

I have asked my unit leader to create the next month of repeating meetings in the same way, and when he does, I will post new screenshots to show the problem.

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When I have looked at this problem before, the RSVP indicators (the question marks over the faces) were never there at all.

Hrm. I can see the RSVPs just fine on several of my events. I’m trying to figure out what might be a distinguishing feature.

Are you a Unit Key 3/Key 3 Delegate/Scoutbook Unit Admin? I’m a Key 3 Delegate, so I’m wondering if the “invisibility” of the issue to me is due to that.

@DeborahBennett - i can see rsvp as well and i am a key 3 for three units. No issue for us.

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