Events appearing twice in message “list upcoming events”

Hello I used the import events feature to upload some events. It worked well but when I went to send a message and used the list upcoming events, it listed some events twice and I only see one event in the calendar.

Thanks in advance

Do you have multiple Dens or Patrols on the calendar events?

Not sure I understand the question - sorry if I misunderstand

We have 5 dens but some den meetings showed up once and some from wolf showed as repeats

Within an event, you can select multiple Den calendars.

If you have one event that has multiple Dens on it, or is a Pack Event and also lists Dens, then it might show up multiple times, one for each calendar selected.

I uploaded it with the cvs file, and the first column was the type of calendar (wolf den only)

I think it might be because when i uploaded the first attempt was rejected but maybe some events were weirdly created so there’s doubles in the way upcoming events is generated but not on the calendar?

Try exporting. That should show if you actually have multiple events

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