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My Dashboard - Upcoming events does not list all events from the the actual calendar

From My Dashboard, and under the Administration pull down is an ‘Events’ tab. When expanded, the list of events is only partially presented. See photo. It shows some events three weeks away, but doesn’t tell me about today’s events.

Unless I open the full calendar, I don’t see whats going on. This is causing confusion with my scout parents as to upcoming events.

I’m seeing a similar behavior, but only with one event. The event is not showing up in my Upcoming Events feed (My Dashboard -> Events), even though I am invited to it, and it is closer in time than other events that do appear. The “missing” event also appears in my Google calendar, but I’ve referenced the entire unit calendar there, so even things to which I’m not invited appear in my Google calendar. I created a “test” event to see if it would appear, but it’s also not appearing in my feed.

Do I need to log out and log back in to force-update the feed to show the newly-added test event?


"Missing" event:

"Test" event:

ETA: Issue occurs with and without the Feature Assistant Extension running.

ETA2: Both the “missing” event and the “test” event appear at my:


The developers are aware and have been working on this issue


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