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Events: Need to get to the edit page for several future events (Question Answered!)

How many ways are there to navigate to a list of upcoming events so that for some I can bring up the Edit screen? There are several events I have entered that I believe to be in the database yet can not find a way to the Edit screen for them. Using the feature in Send Message to insert future events lists them in a message – so that suggests they are in the database. However, from the My Unit page for this pack those events are not among the 4 Upcoming Events nor are they among the 10 shown in Dashboard or in My Calendar. They were created by the Feature Extension – yet I jumped out to Internet Explorer and found the same result. Thanks to this super community – Scouters helping Scouters!

Generally, the Upcoming Events only lists things to which an individual is invited. I would go to the calendar, make sure all of the various unit and subunit calendars are turned on and try clicking on the event there. Maybe it’s on the wrong calendar.

When you see the four on your unit page, click “upcoming events”. That’s an active link. If they still don’t show up, click the gear icon and make sure all units and subunits are selected. It could be that it was added to a subunit instead of the entire unit.

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Thanks! It never occurred to me that was an active link. That solved it for me. Thanks again!

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