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Upcoming Events

My Upcoming Events are not showing the most current events. It is showing two in January, one in February, and one is March.

I have at least one event set every week starting next week.

How do I get it the show the most current Upcoming Events?


Are you listed as an invitee to those upcoming events?

Yes and I actually created all the events myself.

Are all events for a unit. Or are there subunit events too?

I noticed the same issue last night on the short list on what I would call the pack’s “home page.”

The pack’s next two calendar events are not on the list. It shows an event on January 13 as the first item. Then, it skips 10 events before showing the next one on February 17. These aren’t the same events that it was showing last night, because I remember that the second one listed was the February 12 Roundtable.

All the events being skipped are on the pack calendar. Something funny is going on.

OK this is being reported to Dev

Good, because I’m noticing it too. We have an outing tomorrow, but the first event shown on the home page is the next Troop meeting.

This issue is fixed now


@DonovanMcNeil Thank you for your help!

Thank you @DonovanMcNeil. Working fine now.

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