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Unable to Edit Events

I am unable to EDIT any of our troop events… EDIT button not there. Did my permissions change or is there an issue with Scoutbook this evening??

What positions do you have in the unit?

Also, does it happen to be an event with multiple units invited?

Hi Jacob,

Here is what I show in the Troop Roster:

Troop Admin, Patrol Admin PLC / ASM Patrol, Merit Badge Counselor, Scoutmaster Javier Rodriguez Patrol

Thanks for your help.

BTW, one of the other leaders that used to have EDIT also lost it. Is it because I added us as admins for the PLC/ASM Patrol? I did not remove any accesses.

Kind Regards,

Javier Rodriguez

there is no need to be a patrol admin if you are troop admin - have not heard of that being an issue but it might be

You could try removing the patrol admin role to see if that help.

The other thing to try is this:
From the troop roster, click your name > your positions > the current troop admin position. Make sure the checkbox is checked and click update. Sometimes that resets things.

Are the events you are trying to edit joint events with another unit? If so, you must be able to edit the calendar of each unit in order to edit the event.

I am both a unit admin and a patrol admin (for organizational reasons, not functional), and haven’t had any problems with access. None of our other ASMs (Edit/Edit access, except where they are patrol admins which gives Full Control) have reported any issues to me.

Thanks for all the great advice. I wonder if our newly formed girl Troop is affecting this. Let me explore from that angle and will get back to you.

(note: the reason for the patrol admin was so we can have a PLC / ASM patrol and schedule events for it in Scoutbook.) Events = Monthly PLC meetings, adult planning sessions, etc… but if there is a better way to organize that please let me know.

We actually just include PLC meetings, committee meetings, etc on the troop calendar, but invite only those who would be relevant. By having them on the calendar, we can retain the various leaders in their respective patrols (e.g. patrol leaders, instructors, etc), but still invite them to events. For example, if PLC meetings were a patrol-level event for the SPL Patrol, then I believe you can’t easily invite people outside of the patrol to participate. If you break the patrol leaders out of their patrols and add them to the PLC Patrol so they can be invited to the PLC meetings (as patrol events), I think that makes it harder for them to email their patrols. I haven’t actually tried this, so it may be easier to invite folks from other patrols to patrol-level events than I think.

We do have a distinct SPL Patrol for the SPL, ASPLs, and JASMs. I’m not 100% sure why, presumably with the argument that the SPL, ASPLs and JASMs are of all patrols but none.

The issue has been resolved!! It was the creation of the girl troop. When i accepted the invitation to join them, the EDIT button suddenly came back. Thanks again for all your help. You all are great!

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