Exclamation points next to all adults and Scouts


I’m the Scoutmaster for Troop 5700. When I click on the troop roster in Scoutbook, all of the leaders now have exclamation points next to their names. The scouts don’t have them on the roster page, but they are present when I look at any of our patrols.

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if you hover over ! is there a pop up text?

OH the yellow triangle is just a bug

Any idea when this will be resolved? I try really hard to advocate for Scoutbook, but little things like this and the now long lasting email issue make it difficult for me to push Scoutbook.

We have told the developers this must be fixed ASAP. For now just ignore the :warning:

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Yes. “not on official unit roster in MyScouting.”

Sorry, I should have mentioned that.

Thanks for clarifying. It’s better that it’s a developer issue than a problem with our recharter.

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the bug hides when there’s an issue with recharter. that’s the real problem.

lasting so long it’s trained units to ignore charter or registration issues

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