Entire unit yellow exclamation points

Today I was cleaning up things for my troop in Scout book; approving advancement, cleaning up a old connections for a few people. Afterwards, I noticed everyone in my unit, including me, is showing the yellow exclamation point next to our names. Any idea what happened or what I can do to fix it? Thanks!

It seems to be happening after a recent update go into a single person’s profile and it seems to clear it, Hope this works

Troop 0542 Heart of Virginia Council having this issue. How do I fix? Gone into a single person’s profile and its not fixed.

I have had this “fix itself” either that day or the next. Not saying that will be true in your case, but that has happened to me.

If you are still experiencing this issue, could you share what message appears when you hover over or click on the yellow exclamation points?

We do not need a screen shot of the issue. Please do not request screen shots that contain person information.

Alright, sorry! I wasn’t sure, there are sometimes different icons that could appear that seem similar for different issues.

@DanielKruse & @JenniferBateman
Please try an incognito or private window and let us know if the :warning: icons go away. If not, please post a few BSA Member IDs as recorded in Scoutbook (you can find them on the Edit Extended Information page) and we will investigate. Please do not post any names.

Hi everyone. It was a busy weekend so I haven’t checked back until now. Thank you for the all the suggestions. Looking at things now, all the yellow icons are gone. I didn’t do anything on my end to address, whatever was “fixed” must have happened on the server side. Have a great day!

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