Not on official unit roster - error message on ALL ADULTS in unit

Suddenly, as in sometime in the last few days, something must have changed with our unit so that ALL OF THE ADULT LEADERS in Scoutbook have the not-synced error icon :warning:, which displays “not on official unit roster in my.scouting” when you hover on it. However, I’ve checked our roster in my.scouting and it looks identical. (Note: all of the youth members are correctly synced, with the “synced” icon showing.) Is this a known bug? Is there something our unit needs to do to fix this?

@GwendyDarling - i suspect your recharter grace period is expired

Same here. All Cubs and Leaders. Just changed today. Charter submitted two + months ago. Explanation point in triangle for everyone.

@KeithSmith4 - i would gather that your charter has not been processed. This is something you need tk talk to your council about

Strange. Everything back now. Since my.scouting has been accurate for two months, i believe charter has been processed even printed new membership cards something else happened.

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You are a leader in multiple units. Which unit(s) are you referring to?

I saw it earlier, too, but it seems to have resolved now.

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Yes, it’s all cleared up now here as well. shrug

The troop. But regardless, the error now seems to have cleared up without any action on mine or council’s part.

…and now the error is back. :disappointed:

Same here. Weird. Ours just came up yesterday. Not sure why.

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Nope. Back to triangle explanation points again this morning for all cubs and leaders.

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And here I thought I won the lottery. Same issue here. Leaders are showing on the roster on my.scouting but the error comes up in SB. I’m guessing there’s a bug. ACHOOO!

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This has been reported to the developers.

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For what it is worth, add one more troop to that issue-- ALL of my leaders got the “Devil’s Triangle” – and all check as being on the roster in My.Scouting… and no, our Charter went in three months ago and is not due to expire until the end of the year. …even checked it by BSA ID#.

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My Pack lost most of the leaders and every Cub Scout. We are just about to buy a ton of awards and this is the only place I have been keeping good records. What happened?

@KennethCook - what is the status of your recharter? My first guess is that your unit has passed the grace period

We rechartered on time and complete. New scouts and leaders were added when they joined. I’ll be calling the council today, but this should not be an issue of recharter.

@KennethCook - certainly submitted by unit is key,but council finalizing is another. Hopefully they can tell you if theh posted it or if something is holding that up.

You can add one more to the club of the Yellow Bermuda Triangle. I will check with our council to check the status of our charter, but it has been long enough that it should not be an issue.

My.Scouting shows the correct roster with all of the adds, changes, and deletes, so I would imagine it has been processed.