I am with Pack 3208 in Norwalk, OH. Part of Lake Erie Council (440). Maybe it has nothing to do with recharter but we have at least one leader missing from scoutbook. It is the Cubmaster so kind of important. His name is (name removed by Moderator) and his BSA#13786319. He appears on the roster in my.scouting but not in scoutbook.

Also noticed all the scouts in the pack have a yellow triangle next to their name with the exclamation point. You hover over it and it says “Not on official unit roster in” I cannot check this one since I am just a den leader/ assistant Cubmaster and my.scouting does not give me that option. I am also Scoutmaster of a troop so I know what menus are missing.

This all happened after the new year.

Thank you for any help you can provide,

Rob Whitman

@Robert_JrWhitman I have requested a position sync for the Cubmaster, so he should be back in Scoutbook tomorrow.

Did the pack’s Recharter just get posted? If so, the warning triangles should also go away overnight.

Sorry I do not know when it posted. I know Wednesday is when we started noticing something was not right.
Thank you for all of your help.

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