Exclude Chartered Organization Rep from Pack Meeting Invitations?

When I create a new event of type “Pack Meeting”, it automatically invites everyone. Is there a way to exclude certain members (i.e. Chartered Organization Rep) from all events?

Kenneth - the permanent exclusion of people is not possible. I manually uncheck folks for which something is not applicable but that is about it. Beyond that the scouting program is supposed to be open for all to observe a be a part of. I not sure I like the tone of your request.

Open to all - of course. But, he has specifically requested that we not email him invites to our routine events.

To not send e-mails to routine events you will need to remove him from the invite list.

I recommend that automatic inclusion in unit e-mail lists being changed to an “opt-in” feature for the "chartered organization representative (CR). To paraphrase the Chartered Organization Representative guidebook:

The CR heads the “Scouting department” in the organization and is responsible for the success of its Scouting units. As such, the CR is one of the each’s unit’s Key 3 leaders guiding its operation.

The CR is two levels away from the unit leader (e.g. Cubmaster) on the model unit organization charts.

For more about the level that the CR operates at see:

a. How Cub Scouting is Organized - Organization Overview and Pack Chartered Organization web pages.

b. THE CHARTERED ORGANIZATION REPRESENTATIVE GUIDEBOOK, 511-421, ISBN 978-0-8395-3118-0, ©2015 Boy Scouts of America, 2015 Printing, 28 pages, PDF

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Removing him from the invitee list for a meeting is a manual process.

However, the Feature Assistant Extension has the ability to add an attendee to multiple events. As a side benefit, if someone is no longer an approved member of the unit, he will drop off the invitees list. So, you could disapprove his membership, use the FAE to remove him from multiple events, and then re-approve his membership. Disapproving membership has to do with the green shield. It has nothing to do with an end date.