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Permanently Exclude Scouts Functionality for communication

The is a new feature request and I would think consider a problem with Scoutbook and how it sync’s with the Unit in BSA. No matter how we try as leaders scouting isn’t for everyone. Scout’s drop out from scouting. In some cases they just stop showing up but most of them communicate their intention to leave the unit. All other communication tools like email distribution lists phone trees you can make simple adjustments to remove those scouts. The problem with Scoutbook the scouts continue to show up in Scoutbook. We personally move them to an Inactive/Aged out Patrol but when we use Calendar or other tools such as reports we have to manually remove them each time. Until the unit ReCharters. there needs to be a way to remove the or opt out the former scout. We have 20 active scouts and have 7 inactive scouts (2 scouts and 5 scouts who have aged out) I can’t imagine larger units finding this “quirk” easy to work with so I would assume they are not using Scoutbook for reminder features or other things if manually intervention is required.

The BSA does not remove Scouts from the roster until recharter as they have paid for the full Scouting year. You can edit the Scout’s membership to add an end date, which will remove them from the unit in Scoutbook.

You can use the Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox to quickly remove them from all future event reminders.

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I didn’t know we could use the end date it was my understand it will update/refresh those scouts back to the unit over time.

Only if council takes action on the Scouts account - like changing a name or something

Ok thanks what if the scout rejoins over the year.

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if you keep the connection then you just erase the end date or start a new membership in SB

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Ok thanks this helps.

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