Expired! How to reapply?

If a member/leader does not renew in time, what is the best way for them to get back on the books. I know they will need to submit a new application. How is the best way to do this? Will they have options in their my.scouting account? What are the steps I need to direct them to? I am the coordinator for our Pack and both Troops for renewals and want the messages to be consistent and precise on directions. Thanks

@TammieZemler - please talk to your council about thiis

Enlarging on @Stephen_Hornak’s response, one reason you’re being directed to your local council is that there may be local requirements or issues that would not necessarily be reflected in the national knowledge-base. For example, in my state, we have a number of supplemental requirements as direct-contact youth volunteers that have to be completed and verified before we can be registered by the BSA. The local council can likely tell you if something like that (or a change to training requirements, or…) has triggered the non-renewal/cancellation.