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Trying to add an Adult leader with BSA Number and keep getting an error message

I have been trying to add an Adult leader to our troop who is the Unit Advancement Coordinator. When I get to the submit line I get an error message that I have to contact Member care. I have not been able to find any info on Member care.

Unit Advancement Coordinator is a Committee Member functional role. A key 3 member should log in to my.scouting.org, go to Organization Security Manager and add this person as Unit Advancement Coordinator. The role will be added in Scoutbook within 48 hours.

If the individual is not registered, an adult application needs to be submitted first.

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He has submitted the Adult Application and it was signed by the parties needing to sign it. This new Adult leader has a BSA Member ID, but he is not showing up.
Looking at the Organizational Security Manager it shows expired at 12/31/2020. I am not able to change it, which seems odd. I am a Key 3 as I am the scoutmaster.

It sounds like the registrar has not yet processed the application. If you post the BSA Member ID we can look it up.


Should I call the Council to see what is going on. I am concerned something has fallen through the cracks with the change in our Committee Chairman and our New Committee Chairman in regards to rechartering. I say that as it has happened before.


This individual is not currently registered. I can tell you Northern Star Council is backed up processing recharters for 2021 so new applications are probably delayed as well.

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Should I be concerned with this with scouts aging out and Eagle BOR happening? Should I talk to my district rep (Suzannah) or to Records Dept (Not sure if that is the correct title.)

The BSA has a 60 day grace period to allow time for recharters to be processed. I would not be concerned.

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