How long after recharter will new leaders/committee memebers show up in Scoutbook?

I have a parent who is taking over as advancement coordinator, but she’s not showing up as a leader, and I can’t add her, because searches by her name, email address or BSA ID yield no results.

I’m assuming once recharter is complete she should show up on the leader list and then I can give her a start date and a role. Am I correct?

Yes, she needs to be officially registered first (usually as a committee member).

The question of how long is dependent on when it’s officially processed. In the past it could take a registrar a month or two after the end of the year to get through a stack of recharters on their desk. With the new Internet Recharter, it may be quicker, but it remains to be seen how much.

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Waiting a couple of months is going to be an inconvenience for us. The previous advancement coordinator isn’t around any more.

I had 2 scouts magically show up when I was in Scoutbook at Monday night’s meeting (God bless the school principal for giving me the WiFi password! Now I can do ScoutBook and the troop website updates during the meeting! There needs to be a new position called “Troop Committee Geek.”), so I assume the recharter went through already.

If she doesn’t show up in the next couple weeks, do I reach out to my Council?

@AndrewPastuszak - was there an adult application, criminal background check and ypt certificate submitted for this parent? If not then they will need to do so. As far as unit recharter with a 12/31 expiration date, they will be processed from January onward.

  1. Is your unit in California? Fingerprinting is now required there by the state government.
  2. My understanding of the Registration Guidebook of the BSA (2019) is that putting new adult application information in the membership database is not supposed to be delayed.
  3. Processing of background checks (pre-pandemic) was usually two weeks to a month. The could now be both BSA and non-BSA additional delays due to the impact of Covid-19.
  4. I suggest checking with your district executive about three weeks after submission of the adult application (with required documents).

P.S. In our council we have to wait until the beginning of the charter term to see who is register for new charter term.

As far as I know, there was an adult application, and all proper paperwork was completed.

I think this is where we have a disconnect. The Scouting year for the troop starts with the school year. But troop recharter isn’t due till the end of the calendar year. With the move to Scoutbook, I have leaders that I would love to give roles to in Scoutbook and get them to work on stuff, but I can’t, becase they won’t show up as leaders in Scoutbook till the recharter.

We’re in PA.

We have a big turnover of parents in September when the trooop starts back up again after the summer. It would be nice if we could get these people up as leaders in Scoutbook.

@AndrewPastuszak - oh PA…there are other requirements for leaders beyond what I noted. There is fingerprints and other law enforcement clearance required. I am in NJ in a PA border council. No paperwork no leader… just that simple.

The trick is not to wait till recharter, but to have them register as soon as they’re willing to step up. In states that allow online application (not including PA I’m afraid) this can happen in days.

However, I gather PA has more registration and background check requirements for leaders, so I’m not surprised it would take a while.

And if you’re submitting apps with recharter, then you’d have to wait for the full charter to be processed. In some councils, that doesn’t start till the new year. Bottom line, with the new system, it’s probably easier to add new people during the year and not during recharter.


@SageLichtenwalner - here is what PA requires

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@AndrewPastuszak - the as far as you know line is meaningless if you have not followed the requirements for registration of adults in a unit in PA.

I think this is the problem. We submit everything at once, adult applications and the recharter.

There’s even more than that, since our Charter Organization is a Catholic Church. So, we have to complete a bunch of archdiocesan training and certification too.

Our COR sends weekly emails with a checklist of what needs to be completed and what people have and have not submitted.

Oh yeah, don’t do that. Fees are prorated.strike when the iron is hot. Register adults and Scouts on a rolling basis. Just see recharter as a bump in the road. Keep everything current, roles etc, as you roll along through the year.

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That is your problem. If you submit new applications with your recharter, they will not be processed until after Jan 1. If you want leaders registered for the fall, you need to submit the application in the fall.


Technically, there’s also an insurance issue. If a new leader starts helping out in October but they’re not officially registered till Jan, then they’re not really covered.

In the past, I gather many units saved all the paperwork till recharter, so they could fill it all out (with the COR’s help) at once. Some might also have been cheap, hoping save the prorated fees (small as they might have been).

With the new online system, registration is far easier for those states that don’t require paper. And now that so many online tools require registration, that’s another reason not to delay it.

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@AndrewPastuszak - this is a good reason to abandon the we have always done it this way mindset.

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