ExpiryDt must be larger than effectiveDt

When attempting to adjust positions in “Position Manager”, upon saving I receive the error “ExpiryDt must be larger than effectiveDt” and the page resets. Any ideas to what this error message refers?

There was a discussion on this topic here: Missing Committee Member


We have heard this happens when the leader’s current registration expires in the same month you are trying to change positions. We recommend just changing the positions as part of recharter.

Thank you CharleyHamilton and edavignon. Changing the position within the Recharter edit function did the trick.

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I’m having the same issue. However the suggested solution (just change the positions in Recharter) doesn’t work for me since those folks don’t have an edit (pencil icon) next to them in Recharter. I guess I need to get this fixed in the Position Manager, but no matter what I change, I get the error:
“ExpiryDt must be larger than effectiveDt”

Would appreciate any advice!

@PaulLanzi - change the view scale of your browser window as the pencil is on the right of each line

The developers are aware of the issue. We do not know when a fix may be released.

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Thanks @edavignon - is there a suggested workaround?

@PaulLanzi use Internet Recharter to change positions - not Positions manager

Thanks @DonovanMcNeil but as I mentioned before, I don’t have a pencil icon next to those leaders in Recharter:

That’s why I’m hoping @edavignon has another suggested workaround…

I would try removing the person from Charter and then adding them back as existing member

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