Exploring Support in Scoutbook

What support does Scoutbook have for the Exploring program? The Scoutbook help and FAQ webpages make no mention of Exploring.

@JeffreySchweiger Exploring is nearly fully supported - there might be one or two law enforcement awards/competitions that might not be in yet

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@JeffreySchweiger also the units and Explorers are already in scoutbook.scouting.org - all the leaders have to do is sign in with my.scouting credentials

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I know the question was about Scoutbook, but what is the status of IA for Exploring and Eagle service hours going to IA? Just wondering. I assume if not yet done, that is something that is on the same schedule as the ScoutNet retirement?

there are a number of things on the same time table

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Thanks. The webpages say nothing about Exploring support. Since I am a commissioner who is not also a unit leader, I do not have access to see what functionality is present. I rely on the descriptions on the webpages.

I have used it in many months, but there is a sandbox system. I would check it out.

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Here it is…

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Thanks. Looks like the sandbox hasn’t been updated. No Exploring or commissioner login or functions

There really isn’t a commissioner type login normally. You could ask a unit to add you as a commissioner to see what you can see as commissioner. I bet it is view only of a unit.

You are right! I see crew, but not post.

I’ve asked the developers about getting an Explorer Post and positions added to the sandbox.

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Exploring Clubs and Posts

Let us remember that in addition to Exploring posts there are also Exploring clubs. See

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Is there a written description of the Scoutbook functionality for Exploring somewhere? I presently have 22 Exploring Posts and Clubs in NCAC and another 8 forming. It wouldn’t surprise me if none of them have ever used Scoutbook. As far as I can see, none of the public Scoutbook webpages make mention of Exploring. I’d like to be able to aid in the adoption of my Exploring units for Scoutbook. Separately, the only use these units will have for Internet Advancement will be to access Internet Rechartering as Exploring does not have an advancement program, per se. Awards, yes, standardized ranks across Exploring, no.

Also, who has been programmed as Key 3 equivalents for Exploring units? The position of Chartered Organization Representative does not exist in Exploring as Exploring units do not have charters. In addition Exploring Clubs do not have unit committees, hence no committee chair. Thanks for your support.

If I recall correctly in Clubs/Posts for SB/IA it is Key 2. The Leader and COR for lack of the term I cannot recall.

Could it be the Executive Officer (IH)? Thanks

i think so @JeffreySchweiger

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