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Export the calendar as a feed

Please add the ability to import the calendar into my mobile device or outlook as a calendar feed. This is a common feature sports team management tools. This would be very useful to family’s that need to organizer their kids schedules. Our family is tracking scouts, and multiple sports teams across multiple kids. Forcing me to login to scoutbook for any updates is time consuming.


It is already there on the calendar page - at the bottom left of this image

I need this imported in a phone. How do you import this? I can’t lug a laptop just to check a schedule.

Mail]( for Windows 10

@EricMarquez try a google search

Eric- most of these calendars are cross platform so it should not be difficult. I have my g-cal syncing with the scoutbook calendar. It shows where ever I have a g-cal presence.

I know how to import into MSFT office - outlook. I need this imported into an iPhone calendar. That was not my follow up question. With other apps I can import a calendar into iCal on an iPhone as a subscribed calendar. The links you pointed out don’t
seem to be compatible with mobile devices… am I missing something here? I tried to add a new calendar but it’s not possible to import those links from scoutbook. Is there a different way to do this? If not can you add a feature to support this?

How about this: from a Google search

Thanks for the hint. It’s not very straight forward if your using exchange and you want it to sync across multiple devices.

I had to login to
click on Calendar, Import Calendar

A new menu will open, from there click on “From web”. Then paste in the scoutbook ical URL and provide a useful name.

Mail]( for Windows 10

Eric - I think if your final details were presented earlier a few steps could have been conserved. But in the end the ics process is still an ics subscription. The process however will be subject to sync times. If an event is modified it may not show the change in the client calendar until much later after the change. But certainly if funneling calendars via exchange then those parameters must be set to add an additional source.

it is simple to subscribe to an ics in ios - I think if you just click the link in ios it does it for you