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Feature Assistant Change Log

3/31/2020 V0.45.0.10 Bug fixes and minor enhancements


  • Fix bug with health QE for non-admins.
  • Fix Invite Counselor Now button on Scout’s mb page- wasn’t showing in all cases.

Minor enhancements

  • Change goto today link to button on calendar page
  • Future-proofing health QE for anticipated changes
  • Future proofing MBC menus for anticipated changes

4/5/2020 V0.45.0.11 Bug Fix


  • Fix Invite Counselor Now button on Scout’s mb page. Button was inactive after setting Leader Signature.

4/9/2020 V0.45.0.12 Minor feature and bug fixes


  • A new MBC option has been added to the dashboard to allow a Counselor to quickly connect to a group of Scouts all at once - handy for teaching classes. It uses a CSV file to list the Scouts and Merit Badges.
  • When importing Merit Badge requirements and completions from Black Pug, a note is added to the requirements and completions indicating the completion/approval is the result of an import from Black Pug.


  • Users should no longer need to navigate through the dashboard to get the Black Pug link on their unit page


4/16/2020 V0.45.0.13 Bug Fix

  • An issue in the payment QE was corrected that was causing a popup error indicating the transaction type needed to be selected

4/24/2020 V0.45.0.14 Bug Fix

  • An issue where non MBC’s would see MBC Features on their dashboard has been fixed.

4/29/2020 V0.45.0.15 Bug Fix
Bug Fix

  • An issue where the OA report and OA QE were returning to dashboard has been fixed

5/5/2020 V0.45.0.16 Bug Fix
Bug Fixes

  • An issue that resulted in a constant spinner when deleting connections from the My Connections page was fixed.
  • A Scoutbook UI change to the calendar caused Scouts to not appear in the Add Invitees feature. The extension has been update to work with the new UI.
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5/13/2020 V0.45.0.17

The error for attempting to use the Quick Entry for logs from a calendar event has been replaced with a message:

Quick Entry Logs are not available at this time.
Scoutbook has introduced a new Activity log system that is incompatible with the current volunteer created extension. The volunteer developer is investigating the issue and hopes to find a way to restore the feature with the new Activity logs.
Sorry for the inconvenience


5/22/2020 V0.45.0.18 Bug Fix

Bug Fixes

  • The Unit Usage Statistics report is fixed for Council Admins. It now supports Posts, Clubs, and Labs which were recently added to the Council Users Report.

7/31/2020 V0.45.0.20

Bug Fix

  • Calendar export functionality has been restored after Scoutbook native calendar updates


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8/23/2020 V0.45.0.21 Bug Fix, feature deprecated
Bug fix

  • The date/time pop-up box has been fixed when entering new events or editing events

Deprecated feature

  • RSVP report. Scoutbook has released a native RSVP report so this extension feature is no longer needed

9/8/2020 V0.45.0.22 Bug Fixes and feature

  • The RSVP report feature has been added back to the extension as the native Scoutbook implementation has bugs

Bug Fixes

  • The OA QE and Report, as well as the Health QE issue with names not showing up has been fixed.

9/16/2020 V0.45.0.23 Bug Fixes
Bug Fixes

  • Saving calendar events now works without URL error.
  • Repeating event creation and deletion fixed.
  • Edit event jumping back to calendar view fixed.
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10/9/2020 V0.45.0.24 Bug Fix
Bug Fixes:

  • Issue with calendar csv import file with Patrol Leaders Council’ has been fixed