Feature Assistant Change Log

4/2/2022 V0.47.0.23 Minor enhancements and bug fixes
Minor Enhancements

  • Update Council User Analysis report to catch users without Member IDs
  • Updated message YPT footers to include guardians and adult leaders

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed intermittent click failures in Message features
  • Added check in Add invitees to look for events with multiple calendars, and provide not supported notice

6/9/2022 V0.47.0.24 Bug Fix
Bug Fixes

  • Updated bad help document link
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6/29/2022 V0.47.0.25 Bug fixes, removed features, minor updates
Bug Fixes

  • Black Pug Import fixes. Some fixes are also dependent on a new release of Scoutbook (multiple comments)

Feature Removals

  • Removed Invite Counselor options due to irreconcilable Scoutbook changes (hopefully temporary) from
    -In Counselor Search Results,
    -In the Scout’s MB page and
    -In the Add MB Quick Entry
    If Scoutbook changes to allow these again, the functionality will be retored in the future
  • Removed Registration Import, parent import. With auto-population from My.Scouting rosters, this feature too easily contributes to high numbers of duplicate accounts created.

Feature improvements

  • Added Council User Analysis Support for council admins in multiple councils
  • Better Nickname table for roster analysis and council user analysis

8/10/2022 V0.48.0.0 Removed features, restored features, and new features

Remove Features. Due to the move of profile informatioon to Internet Advancement, the extension can no longer access the profile to update or use common fields.

  • Health QE
  • Swim QE
  • School QE
  • OA QE
  • OA Reports
  • Roster Analysis Tools
    • update Council/district
    • fix parent connections
    • find issues

Restored Features

  • Restored Invite Counselor options
    • In Counselor Search Results,
    • In the Scout’s MB page and
    • In the Add MB Quick Entry

New Features

  • Adds Users Units.csv export for Council Admins

9/2/2022 V0.48.0.1 Bug Fixes
Bug Fixes

  • Summer camp - Black Pug import - change fixed note to user custom notes
  • Calendar event export - Fix issue with event that cannot be retrieved e.g. dual unit
  • Calendar event import -fix line numbering bug for on error messages
  • Recurring events - fix issue where toggle turned off on editing event when code for recurring events in note field is preceded by other information

9/8/2022 V0.48.0.2 Bug Fixes
Bug Fixes

  • Calendar recurring events - fixed issue with deleting recurring events
  • Payment Logs - fixed issues with import, closing accounts, and deleting all transactions
  • Adult YPT Report - fixed issue causing a spinner. Edited 9/10/22

10/20/2022 V0.48.0.3 Features and Bug Fixes
Bug Fixes

  • Updates Permissions by Position table to remove unavailable positions and added missing OA Advisor position
  • Fixes to the stats counts in Council User Analysis
  • Changes for adding MBC with Start Merit Badge QE and the MBC Lookup/Invite from a Scout’s MB page to work with new upcoming internal Scoutbook changes (when they are released). A dismissible banner is also added to want that these are not working yet. Recent changes broke the old method - detects current issue and will stop with error message if attempted. Stay tuned to the Scoutbook Change Log to see when the fix will work.

New Features

  • AddInvitees now automatically creates a Mailgroup with added people
  • Roster Scan feature - looks for changes to the roster - leader positions or members. Uses local baselines for tracking. Creates Mailgroups for new member changes found. Offers csv export for tracking.
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11/13/2022 V0.48.0.4 Bug Fixes
Bug Fixes

  • An issue where MBCs invited from the MB page and the Add MB QE for counselors in the unit where the connection was not updated has been fixed
  • Updated Permission by Position table to stop Parent permissions reverting to the initial program default after saving

Removed the MBC connection warning banner as it is no longer applicable.

11/22/2022 V0.48.0.5 Bug Fix
Bug Fixes

  • Corrected Calendar List available in Add Invitees to only the calendars the user has edit permissions for.
  • Modified error behavior for events associated with multiple calendars. Instead of aborting with error, it now lists error, skips the event, and continues to process next even in selected list.