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Can we share files?

Is there anyway in Scoutbook to share a file with the Troop/Pack? For example, our Troop Policies or meeting minutes?

Failing that, is there anywhere that we can at least embed a link to a Google Drive or OneDrive?


You can attach files to an e-mail message or, if your unit has a unit forum, share links via the forum by simply pasting a link.

Unit forums for those units that do not have them currently are a work in progress. An announcement will be made when they become available.

Thanks for saving my sanity. I thought there used to be unit forums that I set up for our Cub Scout Pack, but now that we crossed to a Troop a month ago (and talked them into starting to use Scoutbook in the process), I couldn’t find them.

I’m not looking for email attachments, I’m looking for a document repository for long term storage for things like policies and such.

Sounds like the short answer is no, Scoutbook can’t do either of these things. I may have to keep them all in ScoutLander until such time as those functions are available.


I doubt Scoutbook will add cloud storage for units. Enterprise cloud storage is very expensive, especially when you do not own the data center. Given the number of free alternatives such as Google Drive, Apple iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, etc, I doubt the BSA will spend additional money to provide free storage to units.