Feature Request - Notify Merit Badge Counselor of assignment

This was asked before and the OP received the response “Can’t do it.”

Can we get a feature added that allows an email notification to be sent ANY time an MBC is added to a Merit Badge or when merit badge achievements are submitted? The current system requires the MBC to run reports or manually check each merit badge he is a counselor for, in order to determine if anyone new has been added. I realize a notification is sent when someone outside the Unit adds you, but the majority of us are MBCs inside our own units. Again, realize this cannot be done currently…but adding an email notification on an event (like MBC added) should be trivial in the SB product roadmap

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Well first things first, nobody should be adding you as an MBC in the system without contacting you first, and getting your agreement to counsel that Scout, so there should never be any surprises.

But I see the value in getting a notification when SB is updated with merit badge info.


Counselor notification on “green check” completion of a requirement by a Scout would be fantastic!

Something similar to Patrol Admin / Advancement Chair when a Scout “green checks” a rank advancement would also be useful.

So long as we’re laundry-listing, a notification whenever a Note is posted would also be very beneficial. I have several Scouts that seem to think this already happens for some reason, so actually making that a function would be nice!

Thanks for listening!

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A Scout can currently go into the MB system, search for someone to be his MBC and then select that MBC. There is no notification that this has occurred for the MBC. So yes, I agree that the MBC should receive prior notification, but not sure that prohibits the Scout from just adding you. In addition, when our Troop Merit Badge Coordinator adds me as an MBC, I do not know if it’s been “officially assigned” without manually checking…as we receive no email or pop-up notification of the assignment. We’re asking for a simple SMTP notifications which exist in most IT systems today.

As I said, a notification would be helpful. But… just adding my name to their merit badge in Scoutbook doesn’t obligate me to work with any Scout on any merit badge. If they don’t talk to me, they’ll learn one of Da Rulez for interacting with adults – talk first, act second.


A scout or parent CANNOT search for MBCs. The search is restricted to leaders. The leader should provide the Scout with contact information for the MBC. The Scout should then contact the MBC via phone or e-mail to setup a time to discuss the MB. There should not be a case where an MBC is connected to a Scout and the MBC approves anything without first having a discussion with the Scout.


You are correct…sorry…as a leader I was using my view. Confirmed correct with my son’s account. However, the fact remains that you can be assigned as an MBC by leaders and you would never know.

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I see what you’re saying, but I don’t agree with it… Just because someone put your name on a blue card or in the Scoutbook record doesn’t obligate you to work with a specific Scout on their Merit Badge.

Until Scouts talks to me directly, I’m not their MBC, no matter what’s been filled in Scoutbook, or what their leaders have told them. So, it doesn’t really matter to me if my name is listed in their Scoutbook record somewhere.

And, for that matter, even if I were to get an email from Scoutbook saying “Congratulations! You are now Bobby’s Communication Merit Badge Counselor!” I wouldn’t take any action until Bobby contacted me… Part of the merit badge process is teaching young people how to interact as adults, and having to initiate a discussion to make a request is an important, under-rated skill that many young people are uncomfortable with – which is why (in my opinion) the onus is on the Scout to start communicating with the MBC, not the other way around.


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