Notify Merit Badge Counselor of assignment

User Story: As a Merit Badge Counselor, I want to receive an email notification when I have been assigned to a scout by his/her Scoutmaster so that I can be more aware of who I need to be working with for the merit badge.

It’s been my experience thus far that when the Scoutmaster in our Troop assigns me as the MBC for a scout, there is no notification at all sent to me to let me know.


I believe that per guide to advancement it is the scouts responsibility to contact the MBC not the Scoutmaster.

I know in my unit I (Advancement Chair) will send a courtesy email to a MBC that we have not worked with before to let them know a scout will be contacting them about being their counselor but I don’t
send one for those we have worked with before.

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I think Daniel is talking about in Scoutbook, not in real life.

In Scoutbook, the MBC will get an e-mail invitation when someone connects the MBC to the Scout. However, if the MBC is already connected to the Scout, then an e-mail does not get sent (because the MBC is already connected). So unless the Scout contacts the MBC, the MBC probably doesn’t know unless the MBC goes looking around under My Connections or by using one of the Feature Assistant Extension merit badge counselor features, you wouldn’t have a way to know.

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