Features missing as of Jan 1st (Send Message & Payment Logs)

I’m the troop treasurer for two troops, and went to do some business and the following are missing for the last week (they were all there before Xmas AFAIK):

  • Delete Transaction Logs (to remove everything)
  • Import Transaction Logs (to reload everything from CSV)
  • Send Message preview (completely missing, I can’t review the text)
  • Send Message “keep the message for another unit” (so I have to copy it before I send)
  • All other options in Send Message are missing, I only see “Use BCC”

I’m able to add, edit, or remove individual Transaction Log records, but I want to clean up everything because it got a bit messy (we went through several treasurers in the 4 months before I took over last April).

Also the missing message features make it really tough to send out blast emails.

I’ve cleared all cookies in my browser and logged back in, no luck.

I’m not sure of the status of our Recharter, but all of the scouts have been cleaned up (ones that left are no longer listed) and the adults look (mostly) correct.

@ScottRedman - i think those are part of the Feature Assistant and not native to scoutbook. Are you in Chrome ? Check the status of the Feature Assistant

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Sure enough, that was the issue. I had removed FA because I thought everything I used was now a feature in Scoutbook, but you’re right. It’s actually editing the pages to add those things.

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