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February 24, 2021 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Unregistered Leader Identifier
    • Updates have been made to the Unregistered Leader Identifier on the unit roster. Leaders that were incorrectly flagged as unregistered should be indicated properly. If you believe there are registered leaders still being flagged as unregistered, post their BSA Member ID, not their name, in the Scoutbook Bugs forum.

New Features

  • Council Admin MBC Export
    • For Council Admins only, a new Merit Badge Counselor Export file that contains the MBCs listing preference, availability and e-mail address, YPT expiration date and Scoutbook UserID (number used internal to Scoutbook) has been added to the CA’s MBC Upload page. Note: this file cannot be used to change a MBC’s MBs via upload.
  • Council Shoulder Patches
    • The Council Shoulder Patch for Northern Star Council has been updated.
    • The Council Shoulder Patch for Virginia Headwaters Council has been updated.
  • Directory and References
    • Users will now need to login to Scoutbook to access the Directory and References sections of Scoutbook.
  • Export/Backup Changes
    • To continue improving how we protect our user’s data, modifications to the Adults.csv and Scouts.csv export/backup files have been implemented.
      • Added: Scoutbook UserID.
      • Removed: Middle Name, Gender, Date of Birth
  • Lion Shooting Sports Awards
    • Support for Lion Shooting Sports awards has been added to Scoutbook. Note: As of this time, the BSA has not released the actual awards, thus there is no image in Scoutbook and the awards, while appearing in the Needs Purchasing report, cannot be purchased at this time.
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