February 3, 2022 Change Log (Internet Recharter)

Bug Fixes

  • The following adult positions are listed in Primary Position in Unit dropdown in Pack Unit only
    • Lion Adult Partner
    • Tiger Cub Adult
  • Improved the ability to Mark As Multiple for a person
    • Unit dropdown now provides the existing registration of the person
    • You now have the ability to select the unit to multiple to
    • Success message is displayed once mark as multiple is clicked
    • Record is updated to denote for multiple
    • Ability to unmark the person as multiple
  • Following Fees amount issues are fixed
    • Paid Join Fee
    • Administrative Fee
    • Total Amount
  • Display message and continue when Adobe failures occur


  • When recharter batch is in Waiting status, last modified date is displayed at the message as reference

  • The unit now has the ability to update the Unit Term

    • Clicking Edit on Unit term now opens Edit Term modal
    • Term dropdown displays 6-18 months
    • Selecting term will update the Unit New Expire Date value
    • Fee total for person in the batch are updated based on the new term
  • Adobe PDF (Agreement) is sent to Unit Key 3s after the payment is made