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How to post Bugs in Recharter

If you are posting a bug - also post the BSA # of the user that saw the bug - along with describing it of course - it speeds up things for the developers

Pack 3057 cannot change any of my adults’ positions.

@NathanHaselhorst as the simple post states - please post the BSA # of the user observing it - and a better than 9 word explanation of the issue - and what you are doing when it is observed. How are you trying to change the positions? And from what position (A) to position (B)

I am Nathan Haselhorst (#133441828) with Pack 3057 in Downers Grove, IL. My old Cubmaster and Committee Chair have left and I am trying to make myself the Cubmaster and another adult the Committee Chair. I appear to have gotten my position changed to Cubmaster, but I cannot change the other adult to Chair. It just get the Error message every time. I have talked to my local Council rep, but we have not figured out a solution. Please help.

what is the other users MID (BSA#)? And what does the Error message say (if anything)? @NathanHaselhorst

I am trying to make MID 134727065 my Committee Chair. Specifically, it says “Error Position cannot be updated”

Edit: Removed name. Only need MID.

hmmmmm - have you removed the other CC? or changed that position first?

Otherwise just use Add Existing Member - I have seen that get around issues

I have changed the position of my old Chair (133409258) and also removed him from my roster. However, it will not let me add a new chair. The error says “Error Position is not allowed to multiple”. He is already listed twice as as a Committee Member and a Den Leader.

I tried to remove his line as a Committee Member and then Add Existing Member as Committee Chair, but I get the same error.

Well it is the Den Leader position that is causing the issue I imagine

@NathanHaselhorst - i would be mindful of the minimums as far as unit leadership and refresh after changes which was the same on the old UCRS

Well, I removed his Den Leader position from the Roster and added back his Committee Member position. Then I tried to change his Committee Member position to Committee Chair. Same error - “Error Position is not allowed to multiple”

Given these errors, to me is seems that somehow the system thinks I have 2 Committee Chairs.

@NathanHaselhorst do you have a moment for a screenshare?

Not right now. Can we make an appointment tomorrow morning?

OK I will send you a direct message - watch avatar at top right for a green dot

Should I click the Green Dot tomorrow? What time? I cannot Screenshare now.

green dot is just the direct message for more info

green dot should be there now - that way we can arrange a good time to set it up for

I am Glenn Harbin (#126198489) in Bloomington, IL. For Pack 4166:

I have an adult serving in multiple positions within the same unit. This is allowed by the BSA. However, the new chartering system wants to charge fees for each of these positions. In this case, Both the COR and NMC.

Pauline Ferguson 118061320 Executive Officer, Chartered Organization Rep., New Member Coordinator

@GlennHarbin how are you adding the positions? by clicking ADD > Existing member?