Feedback on the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Scouting Course (Format)

I just went through the “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Scouting” Course, and wanted to provide some feedback on it. This is not about the content, I think it is worthwhile information, although a thirty minute course barely touches the surface. Instead, I want to comment on the presentation format.
I found the fact that the presentation is boxed into about thirty percent of the available screen a poor format decision. This made it hard to keep track of what was on the screen. Why isn’t it presented in the entire available screen area under the header? It started with the first video on the screen.
The machine-based reading of the text had pronunciation issues and ran on to screens that weren’t displayed as you navigated through the course.
The changes in direction of the click screens can be confusing, especially if the participant missed a change, a click, or direction change while the machine voice kept rolling on.
On the screen post-final quiz, the video started playing while the machine reader was still presenting the rest of the text on the page. Also, there is a right arrow below the video that indicates another video or screen is available but doesn’t do anything.
Really think this could have been done better, in a more pleasing and easily follow-able format for the trainee.
Additionally, it does not generate a completion certificate, unlike what the last page says, in my.scouting, unless you are in the training completions page of your account: My Scouting. if you go to the course and click on it, there is no option to print a certificate from there, unlike YPT.
Conducted the course on a Win 10 Pro machine, in the Firefox browser v91.2.0esr (32-bit).

Agreed. It seemed like a draft of the layout. Not very professional.

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