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YTP Training Website Video Issue

Anyone else have any issue with the format of the video screen of the YTP training video? I can barely see the “continue” button and now cannot move past a certain page as I cannot “see” the button I need to click on. i have logged on several different computers and the video screen for the YTP training is the same each time. If I cannot click the button to move on then I cannot complete the training.

@ZacharyAmis - a bit more detail please. Are you taking this on your computer or mobile device? What browser are you using or are you using an app?

I was taking it on my computer, using Google Chrome. The screen I was presented with was clearly cut off on the bottom, making it hard to see the "continue button required to click on in order to advance through the process. I used a different computer to see if I had the same issue and the screen presented the same. I tried it on my cell phone (not the app) where I was finally able to see the sections I needed to click on in order to continue. The area in question were two example videos in the sexual abuse section of the YPT training: see “david’s story” and “see so-and-so’s story.”

Just tried it on my chrome browser and it was easily accessible.

I’m not seeing any issues, either. I assume you’re finished now, since you were able to get it running on your phone, but if you have a chance can you try again on your desktop in an incognito window with any extensions disabled? I’ve had issues in the past with extensions (usually my antivirus) goofing up the interfaces on BSA websites in some way.

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