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Fill in more blanks on eagle application

I’m doing a presentation on Scoutbook at the next Round Table in my district. On topic I was asked to address was eagle applications. So, as a test, I pulled one up. There are blanks that could easily be filled in automatically.

Why not:

  • Fill in region? Aren’t councils in regions, and thus they would be a known value.
  • Fill in type of unit as this is known
  • Fill in council number as this is known
  • Fill in unit number as this is known
  • Have units fill in their city state and zip into unit info in Scoutbook and then fill this in on the application
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@Matt.Johnson - I see what you are looking at but that data set is in the box marked Council Must complete and yes if the system know these things then why not fill them out. Now for the glich…or spur in the cog… you have a scout who have move from an unit in council or a scout who has moved into your council from another… very valid issues. In the end it is the local council that must verify data. Unless you and I take on that task :slight_smile:

Yes, I see that it is council marked. That is why I want the system to generate it. If you move units, then new application would be from the new unit. Sure, they have to verify the info, but it only has blanks for current council, current unit, current region. All of that would be known by the system for the new current unit. Those answers would come from the system.

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If the Scout turns in an application with the Council Marked area filled in, then it was the Scout, not the Council that filled it in, even if the data came from Scoutbook.

That is an odd argument. If the system knows the correct data, why not have it fill in the correct info?

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Because the Scout can change the value, it is not a Read Only field in the PDF. The Scouts BSA advancement team controls this form and what gets filled in. If you want to suggest changes, contact the advancement team directly.

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Ok. An email has been sent.

I was checking out the scouting app on the iPhone.

On the iPhone it does fill in the unit # under the Scout info, the unit city, and zip. It doesn’t fill those in on the Website. So, this is at least inconsistent with the website and what I could call a bug.

Also, it already fills in the Scout’s BSA ID in the council only info, so it already does “break” the boxes rules.

The app has 2 bugs also. It marks no on the AOL box even though it knows the scout in question has AOL. It also inserts some random 4 digits between the state and zip for the unit.

I believe the BSA member number (PID) was included at the request of the Advancement Team.

Downloading the form from Scoutbook (not the Scouting mobile app), I see the information under the Scout’s name (address, phone, troop number, etc.), so I’m not sure why it’s different for you? However, the forms should match between Scoutbook.com and the Scouting mobile app.

Attached are screen shots from the same Scout. This is my home and phone number, so I am ok sharing it.

The top is from the website, the bottom from the app.

Website: Missing unit number, unit city unit state, and unit zip
iOS App: Missing email, extra comma after state, and bug with some random 5702 number between state and zip.

@Matt.Johnson Could you send the details and screenshots to:


Also please include which systems / browsers you are using, because that seems to be making a difference.

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My son’s Eagle app from scoutbook.com has the unit type, number, city, state and zip code filled in.

I have sent both PDFs to that support email.

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