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Similar to other people reporting, when doing recharter some things got messed up and existing scouts suddenly were registered new BSA ids and their old BSA ids were removed from the Unit with a clean up script. This keeps happening. Please fix it so that the right person is in the unit with their advancements instead of them having no rank.

The two scout’s information are:

Right one: 13051643 userid 2035530
Wrong one: 130954620 userid 9952897


Right one: 13606711 userid 2040633
Wrong one: 132152084 userid 2035491

@JaredAnderson I cleaned this up - but you were wrong on both Scouts - the Wrong MID was the one WITH registration in your unit - a Key 3 can see this at

Well that is not what I wanted, but it will work. So now they don’t have their original BSA ids that they had originally and have the new ones because they got rechartered wrong I believe.

If you think they were rechartered wrong, you should probably work with your council registrar to get that corrected first.

@JaredAnderson - having done recharter for almost 10 years I am trying to figure how someone gets rechartered wrong. You either keep them on the roster or drop them. It is then posted to council and they should just move it out of pending to processed. That is my understanding of the process. I have never had your type of issue.

It happened when they were transferred from the Pack I believe and they got brought over to the Troop as a new scout instead of an existing scout.

Council said I had to work with ScoutBook to get things fixed up. I am working with what was done to merge the accounts and pulled over the things that didn’t get brought over with the merge (Payment Log) and will have to update their Activity log later when that is working since that didn’t get merged either, but right now that part of ScoutBook doesn’t appear to be working at all.

Donovan told you which member number is officially registered. If you don’t think that is right, you need to work with your council registrar on that before you even think about scoutbook. I suspect they hear you mention scoutbook and don’t have a clue how to proceed.

My Registrar and I are both the ScoutBook experts in our Council. Getting things merged correctly to have the advancement copied over is only something that ScoutBook can do. That is what I needed and it is now there, so I will go with it.

Someone in your council staff has access to merge scoutbook accounts. It’s often the registrar, but not always. Now, whether they know how to use the tools is a different question.

Similar, but different frustration. Why is there not an authentication process for adults? Every two years an adult needs YPT and every two years the adult (who hasn’t used their login for two years) needs to go back in and do YPT. Since they can’t /don’t remember their original BSA number, they create a new one. Now I have one adult with two numbers. As a volunteer myself, I do not have “extra” time to work with National or council or whoever to get it fixed. Can you please include an authenticator? (e.g., phone number and pet’s name?) so that multiple accounts do not have to be created and happen? Recharter has become the bane of my existence because of Scoutbook duplicate Scout and Scouter accounts and details like this that i do not have time for. does include validation when trying to create a new account. The problem is people don’t always use the same name or the DOB was entered incorrectly. For example, if I went to to create a new name and entered Ed as my first name instead of Edward, it would not find my existing account. If I used Edward, I would be given a panel where I could select my current BSA Member ID account and be connected to it.


I have a leader in our troop who has been assigned a new ID number at recharter but his old ID number is listed as parent and has all of his past leader positions.

New ID number (currently registered to our troop with this #) 132195958
Old ID number 110270866

Can we get these consolidated?

@CynthiaCerame His Scoutbook accounts have been merged. He should log in with his my.scouting username and password.

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