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Fix name of link under "BSA Web Links"

The link says “BeAScout Membership Application Status”, but takes you to just beascout.org. Either update the link to the application status or change the name to BeAScout.org.

I think it brings you to the right place only if you have an application with a unit pending.

If that is true, then why have “My Application” link above? I guess then it is a duplicate.

Its in case you want to start a new application. The application status shouldn’t show unless you have a pending applicants though in my opinion.

If it is to start a new application, then it shouldn’t say “Application Status”. That was my original point. If it just takes you to beascout.org (which it seems to), it should just say BeAScout.org and not “BeAScout Membership Application Status”. I think it has been confused with “My Application”.

Oh I see. Probably a good idea to implement.

Mark this suggestion as “Adopted and done…”

Awesome! Thank you! It feels good to be heard.

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